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An Original Poem: Racing at the Speed of Life

As I was sitting on a bench overlooking the beach, a little rabbit hopped up in front of me and just remained there, unafraid and taking in the view along with me. Even rabbits have to slow down once in a while, and from that pondering, this poem was born:

Slow down, Rabbit

You’ll miss the view

If you keep hopping straight on

How can you enjoy the wonder of the detour?

You’re not late, silly

Consider it as always on time for the moment you’re meant to be in

Wiggle your nose in stillness

Observe in stillness

Take in what usually blurs in your vision while rushing

Constantly rushing

Is there ever an end in sight for you?

So quick to skip what’s next for the gratification that never comes with arriving at the destination

The journey is passing you by faster each day

Years of too fast days have brought you to decades of “if only”

If only I took that chance

If only I said yes

If only I was brave enough to pause

If only the present was enough

But no, Rabbit

You keep on racing ahead of that turtle basking in the sun

Just to find in your speed, a whole life weas left behind

Unlived. Unexplored. Unfelt.

Slow down, Rabbit

Before it’s too late

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