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Dear Bumbling Boy...

An author’s assessment: Turning online dating blunders into creative characters


What started out as a joke ("This is entertaining; you should write a book about your dates gone wrong") turned into a reality the moment I took a class on character development and realized that my bumbled online dating experiences were merely research opportunities for future book characters. 

From scammers and sexual predators to Mr. Nice Guys and heart stealers, I've gathered enough material to inspire all kinds of literary personalities-while laughing and learning about men and myself along the way. A tongue-in-cheek expose about my online dating mishaps awaits.

To all the single ladies out there: one day our prince will come. Until then, let's just laugh at all the frogs we're forced to kiss. 

“If you are stuck trying to navigate the starts and stops of new relationships, this book will help you laugh through the chaos of modern-day dating.” – Hilary Ritter (Young), founder of

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