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Holiday Special: New Series Compilations!
The Lost Heritage Trilogy & Cosmic Kids Club 

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The Lost Heritage Trilogy 

Three Sisters. Three Countries. Three Legacies. When the Rossi sisters find out about their secret biological grandfather, their whole world changes. Upon his death, Leigh Marino left behind more than a few heirlooms for the family he abandoned long ago; he opened the door to an ancestral quest that would take each of his granddaughters on a journey of self-discovery. 

Part empowered women's lit/part romance, this trilogy delves deeper into the female psyche and the challenges we face from a very real and raw perspective. Here, you'll find intrigue, adventure and li'l bit of naughty ;) 

Get all three books (Call of the Celts, A Tuscan Treasure and The Catalan Key) in one single compilation for only $29.99 paperback or $2.99 kindle (valued at $39.99 print; $8.99 kindle).

Click here for the Amazon link to order:

The Lost Heritage Trilogy Series



The Cosmic Kids Club Collection

Are you curious about the stars and planets in the sky? Then come join the Cosmic Kids Club for an exciting learning adventure! Over a series of books, we’ll help you to understand the basics of astrology: how zodiac signs, planets, houses and more all work together to make us who we are. 


The world is ready for children’s books on esoteric topics. The first in a series of introductory astrology is here.


Get all four books (Meet the Z Team, Planet Personalities, Stars Live in Houses, Too and Cosmic Kids Astrology) in one single compilation for only $39.99 paperback or $9.99 kindle (valued at $64.99 print; $33.99 kindle). As a special added bonus, I'm including Numerology for Kids for FREE!

Click here for the Amazon link to order:

Cosmic Kids Club Collection

Want to read these collections all at once? Now you can get the brand new compilations of the Lost Heritage Trilogy and Cosmic Kids Club series. New readers can now enjoy reading all books in the series with a single purchase, available in both paperback and kindle versions at a special introductory holiday price!

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Ongoing $0.99 Kindle Specials

Get Butterfly Travels, Butterfly Travels 2 or A Cali Christmas now on Kindle for only $0.99!

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