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Butterfly Travels

Once a caterpillar, now a butterfly...A life-changing experience in Sedona led to the awakening that Jenny’s travels were not just fun experiences, but also deeper lessons as part of her spiritual journey. Join Jenny as she travels through the adventures of her past and present, from childhood vacations and high school trips, to her months in Europe and cross-country escapes—sharing the profound lessons that touched her heart and transformed her life along the way.

As featured on Goodreads

"What a sweet and wonderful collection of stories about the author's journey on finding her inner strength and trusting her internal guidance to lead her to many doors of great opportunities! I can only imagine what a treasure this will be for her kids to read about their mother's struggle and triumph on doing what is right for her and ultimately her children. Not only is this a good read with entertaining stories, it reminded me to capture and assess the greatness of the small things in life. It's a pure example of authenticity and the power of gratitude." - Kate F., 5-Star Amazon Review

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Butterfly Travels 2

Picking up where the original Butterfly Travels leaves off, the Watson family begins a bold move from their home in New York to a new one across the country in California. Join Jenny and her children as they embark on the adventure of the lifetime—a journey filled with new discoveries and detours, chaos and clarity, and ultimately, love and acceptance.

As featured on Goodreads

"Having done a cross country move with a young family myself, I was thrilled to find this book! What I loved especially was the inclusion of perspectives from her children's points of view. It takes so much courage to change one's life, we need more stories like this to help navigate life changes. The author's writing style makes it so easy to relate to her!"
- 5-Star Amazon Review

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