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Three Sisters. Three Countries. Three Legacies.


When the Rossi sisters find out about their secret biological grandfather, their whole world changes. Upon his death, Leigh Marino left behind more than a few heirlooms for the family he abandoned long ago; he opened the door to an ancestral quest that would take each of his granddaughters on a journey of self-discovery.

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“I just finished reading the three books. I couldn’t put them down. It’s been a while since I stayed up till 2 AM reading. I felt like I was with the three sisters touring Ireland, Italy and Spain. I could not wait to get to the end of the trilogy to find out the secret. I can’t wait to read your next book!” - Miriam S.

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The Lost Heritage Trilogy

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Call of the Celts

Eldest granddaughter Megan Rossi was born to be an international mogul in the advertising world-or so she convinced herself. A shattered heart in her youth cured her of whimsical fantasies of being a writer and finding true love. Now tasked with traveling to the western shores of Ireland to claim an old family ring bequeathed by an unknown grandfather, Meg is forced to relive the decisions of her past when the sexy Kieran MacGovern walks into her life. Faced with an unexpected affair, an epiphany on the Cliffs of Moher and the frightening realization that someone is after the family's legacy, she must make the choice between using her head or following her heart. Will she fall victim to her own ambitious drive and abandon her promise to herself, or give in to the whispers that call her to risk it all for love and destiny?

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A Tuscan Treasure

The journey continues. Can Mia find the strength to fight back against all odds?

Walking in on her husband in bed with a 20-year-old was the last thing Mia Logan expected when she arrived home from a wonderful sister trip in Ireland. Now a single mom with a broken heart and low self-esteem, she must pick up the pieces of her life and move on. Her unrelenting depression and the looming danger of a committed stalker almost keep the peacemaking middle sister from retrieving her inherited jewelry box in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Determined to fight back and regain her life, she ultimately makes the voyage that opens countless doors—to her long-forgotten dreams, to reignited passion and to her heart. Thrust into unforeseen romance with the charming Francesco Marchesi, her cousin Maria’s trusted lawyer, Mia faces her greatest challenge yet: learning to love herself exactly as she is.

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The Catalan Key

The gripping finale. Will Marissa survive or succumb to darkness?

Nothing was going to keep the feisty Marissa Rossi from claiming the rightful inheritance awaiting her in Spain; not even the threat of death. All her life she has lived in the shadows of her successful sister Meg and her adored sister Mia—now it’s her chance to finally prove her worth to her family. Danger, deceit and broken trust will forever change the course of her life as two men wage a war for her loyalty—her beloved boyfriend and her childhood best friend. While secrets threaten to destroy both her dreams of becoming an artist and her very life, the mysteries of an ancient heirloom awaken her lifelong battle: will she ever be free of the demons that haunt her? With one final puzzle left to solve, Marissa must make the decision to yield to her darkness or step into the light. Life will never be the same for the Rossi sisters as The Lost Heritage Trilogy comes to its chilling conclusion.

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          Megan, Call of the Celts                                  Mia Logan, A Tuscan Treasure                     Marissa Rossi, The Catalan Key

"Great storyline and characters. I loved the relationship between the three sisters, each different in their own ways, but close and loving. When their family history foundation is shattered by a mysterious bequeath, they go to Ireland as instructed. The trip brings more family and mystery, danger and romance to balance out the book. Can't wait for book two!" - Sheila, Goodreads 5-star review

"I was so drawn into Mia's story that you actually feel like you are in Italy. You will be pulled into the romance and danger as she learns about herself as a person. Personally, she's my favorite of the three sisters because I could relate so strongly to her struggles and rooted for her triumph!" - Facebook review

"Once again, another amazing book and a great end to the series. It was my favorite one --the twist to the plot really caught me by surprise! Clever, clever girl! ;-) I thought Marissa's character was the most interesting of the three sisters, and I loved the overall message of the book."
- Leslie F., Advanced Reader Review

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