About Me

An avid writer since childhood, my career in professional writing anchored my passion and encouraged my dream to become an author—my first book, Butterfly Travels, was published in 2014. Five years later, my children joined me in both my physical and literary journeys, and we are delighted to share our family adventures with the world through Butterfly Travels 2. I have since released a children's book series, co-authored with my dear friend, Stephanie Foley, as well as my first empowered women's trilogy, the Lost Heritage. Stay tuned for more ;)

When I'm not passionately writing, I moonlight as a communications consultant. With over 24 years of experience in professional writing and marketing, I provide communications support to other entrepreneurs and businesses to help lead their companies to success. My background includes executive communications planning, technical and creative writing, editing, public speaking, project organization and marketing campaign management. I am also a certified life coach, achieved CC & CL certification from Toastmasters and volunteer as a Wish Granter for the Make a Wish Foundation. The latter is more fulfilling than I can even describe.


Oh, and I dabble in the performing arts at my daughter's triple threat acting studio; my favorite roles being Genie in Aladdin, Gingy in Shrek and Mrs. Gloop in Wonka Jr. (Can I just say how fun it is to yodel?) I may not be able to sing and dance very well, but it sure is fun to bring out the sass and indulge my playful side.


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