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I've never been a "one size fits all" type of girl--certainly not in writing style. I like to connect to all kinds of people and share my stories and experiences in hopes that they touch a life. I don't ever want my inspiration to be limited to a single genre, so it is with a great love for writing that I offer a multitude of styles to strike your fancy. Click on any of the purple links to take you to my books in that particular genre:

Brazen Not Battered: Abuse Survival Series

The time has come to shine a light on the ironically silent shadow of emotional violence against another human being. The debut in this series, Beat Me With Your Words, is a unforgivingly relatable fictional tale of emotional abuse and gaslighting...and the price one pays for freedom. Follow me on for the latest blogs and publications in this inspirational new genre.

Empowered Women's Literature: The Lost Heritage Trilogy

Part empowered women's lit/part romance, this trilogy delves deeper into the female psyche and the challenges we face from a very real and raw perspective. As unique as women’s physical features are, so are their emotions. Every woman has a different perception of her worth and what drives her to doubt. Readers will relate to and be inspired by the healing that happens for these sisters through their family bond, romantic and sexual encounters and overall life experiences. Here, you'll find intrigue, adventure and li'l bit of naughty ;) 

Travel Memoirs: Butterfly Travels Collection

My autobiographical stories create written snapshots of my travel adventures from the time I was a young girl, through current adventures. Each experience led to a deeper awakening about my life, whether it was to challenge me, grant me peace or connect me to loved ones. 

Children's Soul School Series Collection

Co-authored with Stephanie Foley of Enchanted Life, our book collection open the doors for children to explore universal topics, such as astrology, chakras and more. Our first series, the Cosmic Kids Club, takes explorers on a step-by-step journey to understand the basics of astrology.

Independent Titles

Here, you will find all my non-series-affiliated novels, such as my first saccharin-sweet holiday story, A Cali Christmas. These kind of books allow me to bring out my romantic, playful side as inspired by those family-friendly movies you'd find on cable television. Oops--I think I just exposed one of my guilty pleasures ;)

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