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Watery Wonderings: Creations at the Beach

Typically I go somewhere and am inspired to write a poem or something, but one day sitting at the beach, as the sun was setting, I started sketching the seasgulls, then word playing their name, and then randomly wordsmithing about a dragonfly. Enjoy how my mind sometimes wanders... and I know, pictoral art is not my forte lol

The Beach Bum of Birds:

Soaring through the sky

Elegant in stature upon the sand

Always alert for an opportunity

Gazing at passersby

Unable to resist a risk

Looking for leftovers

Lovely blend of feather coloring

Sounds the ocean cannot live without

The Dragonfly

From the fire the fly rose with power

Not quite butterfly, not quite caterpillar

But a swift and delicate blend with a pinch of sass

Rapid fluttering creates a cartoon-fast motion of wind flapping

Is the buzz from the wings

Or is it from that inner satisfaction of flight

The freedom to dip and soar

To intimidate

To explore

To mind its own business

Searching for colorful flowers

And dares to not follow a predicted path

Free to journey as it pleases

Biting as it needs

A volcanic gift in the insect world

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