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An Original Poem: A Giraffe is a Tree as Are We

While spending some time in an arboretum, after an “assignment” that challenged me in self-acceptance, my mind wandered to the metaphors surrounding me, as inspired by this quote: “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” – Kahlil Gibran. How giraffes entered the picture, I’m not sure—but the free-flowing analogy began with them and ended with self-reflection.

Giraffes are the trees of the animal kingdom

A sturdy tall trunk that explodes into beauty at the top

The tongue a long branch that extends into the breeze

Covered in bright green leaves of nourishment

Rooted to the ground and statuesque

Oh how magnificent to look up towards the sky

And wonder at its reach into the clouds

As above I am below

In awe

No two alike, tree nor giraffe

The rings tell of one’s age

The spots of another’s personality

Each magical just as they are

Just as we are

Tall or short, thick or thin, spotted or aged bark

We are the movement of nature

And when we can see our own beauty

We can also soar

With our spirits just as high into the sky

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