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  • Jenny

An Original Poem: The Sapphire

After months of battling depression, life challenges, and inexplicable emotions, pressure gave way to beauty, healing, and inspiration. People are just like gems in how they form, and the process is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Diamonds aren’t the only gems created under pressure

If you ever saw her heart of stone and what it endured, you’d know

Know what it took to crystallize into its inner beauty

Break the rigid boundaries that kept holding her back

She knew the light was always there

But constant pressure is exhausting

It can make you devoid of hope and faith

Yet life keeps pounding away at her, determined to break her at every turn

Keeping her secluded in a cave in the depths of despair

Gasping for a breath of air or touch of the sun

Shattering dreams.

Breaking bonds.

Abusing the privilege of her gifts.

Asking her if she really thinks she is worth surviving the darkness

She is

Better yet – she can choose the color she morphs into in the end

A traditional deep blue or the rare padparadsha

Or perhaps like her yes, she will be a chameleon

Adapting her prism to her environment

But never dulling it again

Until she reaches that pinnacle of brilliance, she must




The pressure’s not done with her yet.

Ancestral remnants shield modern day trauma

Burdening her with layers of rock that she’s chipping away

Moment by moment




Daily resistance of her captor

Fighting to fully release the gem of all she is:

The sapphire the world needs

The sapphire she’s meant to be


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