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Turning Dates Into Book Characters: This is the Way

#DearBumblingBoy is a collection not only of quite a few humorous dates gone wrong, but how those dates ended up as research for future book characters. My video below takes you on an exploration of how exactly I made my assessments after a date or relationship (or even just a mtach) gone wrong. From physical appearance and memorable one-liners to first impressions and personalities, I analyzed which characteristics were prime for literary development.

For example, meet Casper and the Vampire Lawyer (two of my favorites!):

Want to see more? Check out the method behind my madness (and how some men became Romeos and some became Villains). And if you'd like to see the many more memorable characters I encountered, I invite you to order your copy of Dear Bumbling Boy today (and if you have a copy already, I'd love a review pom Amazon or Goodreads or both!)

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