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Be Fearless

The number one thing that holds us back from achieving our dreams is fear. Not a lack of education or money or support. FEAR. And the worst part about it, is that fear is not even real; it is simply an illusion. Although we may have good reasons for having a specific fear, it is all made up by our thoughts and emotions. It isn’t tangible.

If you think about your fears—really think about them—you will see how irrational and illogical they might be.

For example, take people who have a fear of flying. What are the chances (REALLY) of your particular plane crashing? It happens, but reality is, it is not likely to happen to you statistically. Just think of the opportunities you may be missing out on that are life-changing and amazing on the opposite coast of the country because you won’t get on a plane, or loved ones you hardly spend time with who live far away.

People who have a fear of rejection close themselves off to relationships. What is the worst thing that can happen? You could get a broken heart, which heals, as it always does, and then you find new love. Is being afraid of getting hurt by someone else better for you than taking a chance on love and affection?

And how about those afraid of failure or success? Many don’t pursue their career goals because they don’t want to make a mistake, not realizing that mistakes are important life lessons that lead us to truth, new possibilities and wisdom. Are you finding yourself so stuck that you can’t move your goals forward?

The list of fears goes on and on…of bugs, so the beauty of nature is avoided; of public speaking, so your important message can never be spoken to touch the lives of others; of falling, so you don’t try skiing or ice skating, even though you always wanted to—you get the picture.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment

that something else is more important than fear” ~Ambrose Redmoon

The whole concept of taking a risk is scary; you never know what will happen, and we tend to think negatively about the “unknown.” The reality is, if you want to be afraid of something, be afraid of what you are missing by holding back. Life is meant to be experienced, not avoided. Is a life without these experiences worth the false safety net of fear?

Focus on the rewards that lie ahead of you for being brave. You were brave enough to come into this world; be fearless about living in it.

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