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An Original Poem: I, the River

An original poem about the ebbs and flows of life as inspired by a trip to Yosemite with my son and a long ride on a yart admiring the many phases of the river along the way:

You can never step in the same river twice

Nor can you step in the same life twice

There’s a beginning and end

But once it begins to flow, there’s no turning back

You can try to move upstream

Face the resistance that wants to be left alone

Your past

You can rush forward relentlessly

In a mad passion to reach an unknown pinnacle

The future

But the journey is easier in the flow

The now

Have you ever noticed a river’s course?

At times, it looks like it might end, its narrow way struggling against rock to stay alive

At other points, its wide and expansive, rushing in the vortex of its own wonder

There’s the rapids when it goes to fast and crashes into everything in its path without care

And the mighty waterfall where unexpected drops throw off our game

Leading to the whirlpool spiraling out of control

All of it at once

That resistance of the past versus the flow of the future

Battling it out to see who wins the present

Neither do

It’s only when it reaches the peak of calmness does it balance in serenity

Not too wide and fast

Not too narrow and restricted

Just flowing every which way as guided by a wiser force

It cannot control its path any more than we can control life

But we can adjust our flow and find the beauty in all the twists, turns, and drops

Be cool. Be warm.

Be playful and splash.

Be rough and dangerous.

Be explorers of our own rush and still.

Just as long as we are us.

And cease trying to step in the same place twice.

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