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Book of the Week: Make It Sweet

Make it Sweet, by Kristen Callahan

I absolutely adored this refreshing romance. It came at the perfect time in my recovery where I needed something to read that was sweet (pun intended), indulgent, sexy and enticing.

Not only did it satisfy my craving for romance, it made me drool with envy over the baked goods our characters were indulging in. Can anyone say unrequited sweet tooth??

I loved the main characters, Emma and Lucian, and their playful banter and cautious attraction—and I loved even more their backstories that made them who they were and played a part in their finding each other.

Sure, Luc was the typical gruff guy with a hardened heart not open to love, with a motorcycle and a bad attitude, but it was what made him that way that made his character so rich. Destroyed by a physical disability that tore away his hockey dream, his will to live any kind of happy life was stripped away, But, he was a big softie underneath, with a hidden passion for baking, and he was so filled with pride and love whenever he would bake something for his new friend, Emma, that you just couldn’t help but swoon over his baked goods (and well described other goods lol).

And Emma, with her equally broken heart and a dream cut short, was the perfect complement to our hero. She was strong, determined and cautious, yet curious, and despite her insistence on being left alone, found herself drawn into this family’s world.

This was so much more than a traditional romance.

It had layers of emotion, lovable characters (everyone needs a Sal in their life!) and an unexpected hunger-inducing playfulness featuring delectable dessert-making. This is a spirit-lifting, wonderfully complex yet light read that I recommend to everyone who’d love a whimsical escape to romance. I feel like I need to read it again already.

To learn more about this week’s author, Kristin Callahan, you can find her here:

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