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Welcome, Avid Readers!

Thank you for stopping by and showing your support! I have been a writer ever since a pencil first touched my little pre-school fingers, and boy has it been a wonderful adventure since then. I've dabbled in different genres, from poetry and blogs to memoirs and full length empowered romance novels. I've previously made a career out of business writing, so you can say the written word is just simply part of my soul. It is my wish to take readers on an inspirational journey; one that will empower them to live with hope and courage.

"To ask how I feel about writing is to ask how I feel about breathing." - Shakirah Bourne, Writer

Meet the Author

I was recently feautured on Trenzle as their feautured author of the day. Come check out my interview (you might be surprised by what you learn about me!)

A Conversation with Jenny Dee, a Multi-Genre Author

"Be authentic. I always try to be anyway, but sometimes, it is too easy to get swept up in the “perception” you want to convey, especially in this era of viral social media influencers. I have to stop myself from trying to give the audience what I think they want instead of just giving them me. Even if something I do or write doesn’t catch on, I’m proud that I was myself. In the end, you can only connect to others by being real, and that’s something very important to me. I’ll take 5 invested readers over thousands of perceived fans any day."

Newest Releases
Book Cover-DBBFRONT.jpg

Dear Bumbling Boy... 


What does "Yabba Dabba Do" have to do with online dating?
It's just one of the many crazy mini stories in this sassy collection of modern-day dating disasters. A Secret Agent Scammer. A Vampire Lawyer. An Intergalactic Blindside. Even a Sensual Shakespeare didn't pan out quite as expected.

In today's pursuit of love, it's easy to get discouraged by the bumbling boys of the world. But it can be just as fun to turn these lemons into... well, le-memoirs. From scammers and sexual predators to Mr. Nice Guys and heart stealers, I've gathered enough "research material" to inspire all kinds of literary personalities for future novels—all while laughing and learning about men and myself along the way.

In my quest to find the ultimate male lead, will any of these frogs turn out to be my prince in disguise? 

"Swipe Right" for a hilarious insight into a romance author's dating world.

"Dear Bumbling Boy feels like a cozy, amusing conversation with a close friend. In this part dating-memoir, part character-study, Dee captures much of the essence of the modern online romantic experience in all of its horrific, hilarious, and confusing glory."

-  Joelene Pynnonen, Independent Book Review

Read the full review from Indepedent Book Review  here

4 Leaf Clover COVER FRONT.jpg

Meri-Rose & the Four-Leaf Clover

This book is my first in my newest children's book series, The Irish Fairy Adventures.


Meri-Rose is a curious little fairy who loves adventure. In a lush meadow, she finds a rare four-leaf clover and makes a wish. When her wish doesn’t come true, Meri-Rose wonders if the clover’s magic is broken. Will she figure out a way to fix it and restore the magic of wishing?

"This book totally channeled my inner child who always searched for her 4 leaf clover!!! Absolutely loved It!!! Very sweet book with a brilliant lesson to be taught & learned. Meri Rose is very relatable for little ones."


- Rita, advanced reader

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