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Thank you for stopping by and showing your support! I have been a writer ever since a pencil first touched my little pre-school fingers, and boy has it been a wonderful adventure since then. I've dabbled in different genres, from poetry and blogs to memoirs and full length empowered romance novels. I've previously made a career out of business writing, so you can say the written word is just simply part of my soul. It is my wish to take readers on an inspirational journey; one that will empower them to live with hope and courage.

"To ask how I feel about writing is to ask how I feel about breathing." - Shakirah Bourne, Writer

Newest Releases
Numerology for Kids

Co-authored with Stephanie Foley of Enchanted Life, the next book in our Soul School Series for children has arrived! We’re ready to take kids on a journey to a deeper understanding of the meaning of numbers. In our newest book, we’ll share some of our thoughts about what each number means, and how kids can tell what their special personal life numbers are. Get ready for the most fun lesson they’ll ever have with numbers!

A Few Thoughtful Reviews

I just finished reading the three books. I couldn’t put them down. It’s been a while since I stayed up till 2 AM reading. I felt like I was with the three sisters touring Ireland, Italy and Spain. I could not wait to get to the end of the trilogy to find out the secret. I can’t wait to read your next book. Facebook Review of The Lost Heritage Trilogy

First I would like to state that I have received this book through goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank the author for giving me this opportunity and honor in being able to read this book. When I received this book I began reading it at once. This book was a very interesting read. It pulls you in and keeps you wanting more. I would recommend this book to others. Goodreads Review of A Tuscan Treasure


Great storyline and characters. I loved the relationship between the three sisters, each different in their own ways, but close and loving. When their family history foundation is shattered by a mysterious bequeath they go to Ireland as instructed. The trip brings more family and mystery, danger and romance to balance out the book. Can't wait for book two! Goodreads Review of Call of the Celts


This is a sweet book that matches personality traits to zodiac signs with adorable characters. Easy to understand and made my daughter and I laugh when we compared these characters to ourselves. This is a good book for kids who are learning to read. Amazon Review of Meet the Z Team


Oh how I loved this book about Jennifer's cross country move/drive across the country! This book is so enjoyable that I plan to read it again. It gives hope to people who are afraid to do what their heart desires even in the face of adversity.  Amazon Review of Butterfly Travels 2


This reads like a collection of short stories. There is a good balance of amusing and touching stories to make the reading easy and entertaining, yet an honest reader will feel the pinch when the truth (that is so courageously shared) hits a bit close to home at times. The author's gift of vulnerability and humility give the reader an opportunity to reflect and heal in the reading. Threaded through each chapter are the themes of emotional growth, glimpses of a soul's timeless journey, and the transformation available when one engages in life and relationships with an open heart.  Amazon Review of Butterfly Travels


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