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Thank you for stopping by and showing your support! I have been a writer ever since a pencil first touched my little pre-school fingers, and boy has it been a wonderful adventure since then. I've dabbled in different genres, from poetry and blogs to memoirs and full length empowered romance novels. I've previously made a career out of business writing, so you can say the written word is just simply part of my soul. It is my wish to take readers on an inspirational journey; one that will empower them to live with hope and courage.

"To ask how I feel about writing is to ask how I feel about breathing." - Shakirah Bourne, Writer

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Beat Me With Your Words

Emily Davidson had it all. Born with natural brains, beauty, and creative passion, she was destined for a fulfilling life of love and success…until the ultra-charming Blake Denton stole her heart and engulfed her very core.

Being swept off her feet was not part of Emily’s ten-year plan, but the handsome photographer with the exciting lifestyle promised her more than the textbook path that was carved out for her since birth; love with Blake offered romance, intrigue, and endless adventure.

But that love came at the cruel cost of truth, trust, and self-respect.

Years of countless forgiven betrayals and harsh words whittled away at her life, leaving her unrecognizable to family, to friends, and to herself. It will take all the strength she has to wake up and walk away—but can strength be found in the pieces of a shattered soul?

A gripping fictional tale of narcissism and gaslighting...and one woman's journey to fight back.


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