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Red-Hot August: Summer Romances

Summer lovin’ had me a blast…summer lovin’ happened so fast! Can you guess my book theme for August? It’s all about the summer lovin’, baby!

After an intense theme in July, what better way to lighten up my summer reads than with the indulgence of both light-hearted and super steamy love stories? From forbidden affairs and naughty gods to enemies turned lovers and fairytale endings, I’m all about the romance in August. Make it star-crossed, steamy, and sensational, please!

I’m feeling generous, so I’m giving away my entire 3-book The Lost Heritage Trilogy compilation, full of steamy romance, mystery, and European travel all in one!

This month, I’ll be asking my social media followers some questions about some of their favorite kinds of romances—but is it possible to choose a favorite? Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and insights below!

1. What romance genre(s) do you enjoy reading most?

It’s hard for me to pick just one. I do love traditional romances, but I truly adore those of a historical time period nature (particularly Renaissance-like) or in a fantasy setting. Of course, there are always the Hallmark-channel-type holiday romances that are predictable yet always warm-hearted.

2. When it comes to romance novels, do you prefer clean, semi-steamy, or full-on erotic?

I’m not gonna lie—for me, the hotter the better. My love language is words of affirmation and I’m sapiosexual, so bring on the well-described visuals. I do like sweet romances, but I do prefer at least a little bit of edge to make me feel engaged in the passionate love story. What about you?

3. If someone out there were to write a romance based on your love life, what would it be called?

Mine would be “Dear Bumble Boy”…hahahaha! I am actually playing around with a concept for that to tackle some adventures in online dating—Stay tuned. But, in reality, it would probably be some cable-inspired title like “Hopelessly Devoted” because I’m a big cheeseball who loves hard without much love in return. Sad, I know! But I’m a hopeless romantic, so…

4. Were there any romances that disappointed you?

Hands down, it was Fifty Shades of Grey. All that build up for a let down. Sorry, not sorry to those who enjoyed it—but I just could not wrap my head around a disturbed playboy falling in love and changing his ways for some clueless virgin who agrees to red room sexual adventures without even knowing what sex was like. It’s not a judgment at all—it was because it felt like a far reach for me. And she was a boring character—maybe if she seemed a little more exciting, I’d get the concept better.

5. Any romances that stand out as one of your favorites of all-time?

It might not be my favorite of all time (I’m drawing a blank on my own question haha), but I definitely loved One to Watch—seeing a plus size girl be featured on a Bachelorette-type show and actually end up falling in love. I think it was more about the concept and representation of us plus sized beauties more than anything that I felt in my heart. Oh—and Make it Sweet—that was an adorable little romance I picked up in a supermarket that I like to re-read for some feel good book time.

What would your responses be? What are some of your favorite summer romance reads?

If you’d like to check out my empowered woman’s romance trilogy, you can find it here or on any major distribution channel:

When the Rossi sisters find out about their secret biological grandfather, their whole world changes. Upon his death, Leigh Marino left behind more than a few heirlooms for the family he abandoned long ago; he opened the door to an ancestral quest that would take each of his granddaughters on a journey of self-discovery.

“I just finished reading the three books. I couldn’t put them down. It’s been a while since I stayed up till 2 AM reading. I felt like I was with the three sisters touring Ireland, Italy and Spain. I could not wait to get to the end of the trilogy to find out the secret. I can’t wait to read your next book!” - Miriam S.

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