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"My Mamacita"

A poem in honor of my mother's 70th birthday

As she turns a young 70 today

There is so much about her I can say

She’s more than her iconic TaB and cigarettes

She’s a beautiful person that no one forgets

Her laughter fills the room with so much joy

But sometimes her opinions have us reeling, “Oh boy!”

Her love is abundant and unconditional

Her hugs leave us feeling simply sensational

She listens with understanding and love

She is truly a blessing sent from up above

We love when she tickles, teaches and bakes

And we adore all those silly faces she makes

She’s loyal to everyone who meets her

And she’s one downright feisty mamacita

She gives without limits and her kindness knows no bounds

Hearing her laughter is one of our most favorite sounds

Just her presence alone makes the world brighter

And when she’s knocked down, she’s one hell of a fighter

Funny, brave, strong, resilient and true

These wonderful qualities are all part of you

We love how she lights up when she’s in her Heaven

And we just can’t wait to see her again

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