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Memorable Mamas in May

Empowered women come in all shapes, colors, sizes, ages, and personalities. But the one thing they have in common? They are all badasses. For this month’s book review theme, I pay homage to strong women (memorable mamas and mama-like figures) by featuring some inspiring women’s (auto)biographies & memoirs.

Through the years, I have read many stories that captured my attention and made me realize that at our core, us women are no different from each other. We all have good hearts and good intentions, even when making our mistakes or hiding behind society’s expectations of us. But when we break free and share that vulnerable truth of who we are, there is so much power in it.

When we share our stories, we show other women that we are not alone; that we have the strength to overcome, to endure, to thrive.

I share a part of my story in a fictionalized way through the eyes of my character, Mia Logan, in the second book of my The Lost Heritage Trilogy Series: A Tuscan Treasure. Mia finds herself a single mom struggling to find herself once again post-divorce—facing her deepest fears of inadequacy on a journey to self love.

This month, I’ll be asking my social media followers some questions about their favorite female idols. Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and insights below!

1. What story of a celebrity female figure did you find most fascinating?

For me, it was actually a historical fiction about Eliza Hamilton, who I don’t think was adequately portrayed in the musical (she was much stronger than the lovesick wife of a founding father). I LOVE the musical, but after reading this book, I found her to be full of much more depth and fire and intelligence than expected—I personally think she was more fascinating than Hamilton himself.

2. If you were to write about your own moment of empowerment that would inspire other women, what would it be about?

Many people tell me it was when I made the bold choice to move across the country to California with my two kids—but I happen to think it was the moment I woke up and realized I was in an emotionally abusive situation and just walked away, without ever looking back. To me, that was doing the impossible. A move was brave—but inspired. Ending abuse was much more gut-wrenching and took every ounce of my soul to choose the unknown life that awaited me.

3. Who is an empowered female role model in your life?

My Nanny was. I would listen to her stories about traveling, be awed by her pursuit of educational and work goals in an old school world and watch her in amazement as she was fearless through her tragedies. She was who I emulated…she had this strength, but it was not surpassed by her depth of compassion and unconditional support without judgment. I miss her every damn day.

4. What woman’s tell-all are you waiting for?

Madonna. I would absolutely love to hear about her journey in her own words, and not skewed by the people who think they know her. Sure, she has documentaries that give us some insight, but a juicy personal memoir about her journey to being the icon she is today would be amazing.

What would your responses be? I’ll be reviewing all kinds of stories featuring women from all different walks of life. What books about women have inspired you?

If you’d like to check out my own memorable mama story, click on the link below!

The journey continues. Can Mia find the strength to fight back against all odds? Walking in on her husband in bed with a 20-year-old was the last thing Mia Logan expected when she arrived home from a wonderful sister trip in Ireland. Now a single mom with a broken heart and low self-esteem, she must pick up the pieces of her life and move on. Her unrelenting depression and the looming danger of a committed stalker almost keep the peacemaking middle sister from retrieving her inherited jewelry box in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. Determined to fight back and regain her life, she ultimately makes the voyage that opens countless doors—to her long-forgotten dreams, to reignited passion and to her heart. Thrust into unforeseen romance with the charming Francesco Marchesi, her cousin Maria’s trusted lawyer, Mia faces her greatest challenge yet: learning to love herself exactly as she is.

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