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(Irish) Book of the Week: Wild Irish Roots

Wild Irish Roots, by Tricia O’Malley

This was a short but sweet prequel to an Irish magic and romance series I read a few years ago, and I really love whenever I can get more of the backstory: like how the parents met and fell in love.

Magic runs in the bloodline, but our heroine Margaret wants nothing to do with her history.

As a young girl, she hated feeling different and isolated from her peers, and so she made the conscious choice to deny her gifts and seek out a “normal” life. She had much love for her mother, but was ashamed of her heritage—her mother being the source of witchy town gossip—and fearful of what revealing her own gifts would do to her relationship with the love of her life, Sean.

I felt for Margaret’s dilemma and denial of her true self, and desire to protect her child, and can now have that understanding of the pain that drove her to her choices witnessed in the main series; it’s humanized her for me now.

A story of confusion, heartbreak, and a woman’s decision to make her life her own.

The perfect beginning to the Mystic Cove series.

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