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(Irish) Book of the Week: The Becoming

The Becoming, by Nora Roberts

I thought I would start off my monthly Irish/Celtic fantasy and romance theme with a sequel to bring my outgoing and incoming themes together. Quite a clever girl, I know!

The Becoming is the second book in a fabulous collection by Nora Roberts, and can I just say how much I love this fantasy series? So much female empowerment mixed with modern day romances, a best friend to die for, and beloved dog and dragon pets.

It has magicks and mystery and murderous intent, oh my!

Picking up where the last book left off, our heroine, Breen, is becoming more of who she was born to be—fearless, confident, secure, and ready to kick her mean god grandda’s ass back to hell. The character development brought you deeper into these fictional lives, and I found myself utterly in love with her charming, gay, master-of-the-kitchen bestie, Marco. He might be one of my favorite characters of all time with that big, protective heart of his and just absolutely adorable persona.

I will admit, however, that although I like the main hero, Keegan, I just find him a little too stuffy to be a leading man. I guess it is what it is for the genre and broodiness necessary for an otherworld leader with a lot of his plate, but I’m aching to see his softer side come out. But I am absolutely loving the unfolding of Breen as she takes her power to new levels.

I also am loving the female camaraderie as she builds her new circle of friends.

It’s heartwarming to see so many wonderful female characters come together as warriors, but also as gossips! A super cute and fun infusion to a serious storyline of good versus evil. I’m absolutely loving this series.

I cannot wait to see the conclusion to this epic battle/multi-love/self-realization journey.

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