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Indie Book Review: The Wonderland Chronicles

The Wonderland Chronicles by Alexis Rey – 4 STARS

This was a 6-part novella series that brought you into the underground world of dom/sub sexuationships. A rabbit hole of sexual wonderland, it was hot, intriguing, alluring, and disturbing all at once. It elicits feels you didn’t know you had; for me, it ignited curiosity about their erotic yet dangerous lifestyle… and yet, it also made me concerned.

I was conflicted in a good way, not knowing whether to enjoy the ride or cry “red!”

The main characters meet clandestinely in a “wonderland” setting to engage in erotic S&M fantasies… only they keep being drawn back to each other for more. Each book gets increasingly intense on both a sexual and emotional level, and the dom pushes his sub in ways that make you wonder—does she have any self esteem? Or is this part of the culture?

It definitely drew you in (I had to read all six – super short, so easy to read each within an hour and half max), but the one thing I will say is that I was a little disappointed in the ending. I was hoping for a more empowered conclusion, but all in all, fascinating read.

For those who love spice—it was a hot habanero!

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