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Indie Book Review: The Veritas Codex

The Veritas Codex by Betsey Kulakowski – 4 STARS

Every once in a while, I step away from romance and dive into other genres—and this paranormal mystery was just the perfect break from love that I needed. More than just a mystery, it brought in interesting interpersonal relationships, otherworldly phenomena, and a little bit of romance (which, of course, I loved!)

I’m a sucker for unsolved mysteries of the universe, and this book takes you on an expedition to uncover the truth about Sasquatch in such a unique way.

A television crew that researches the “unknown” is following a trail of evidence of Sasquatch’s existence, but their journey is full of danger, secrets, and unexpected discoveries. The lead character finds herself in repeated risky situations, resulting in physical harm and memory loss—and not many answers as to who abducted her and why. Is a bonafide Sasquatch behind her many kidnappings and misfortunes—and is it all part of one big hoax?

Although I felt a little confused midway as to where the storyline was leading to, I love how it came together in the end to answer questions and create a setup for the next book in the series.

An intriguing explanation of the unexplainable.

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