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Indie Book Review: The Veil

The Veil by V.B. Emanuele: 5 STARS

Holy HOTness! Now, this book was what Fifty Shades SHOULD have been—just saying! Where the FDOG was a letdown, The Veil delivered:

Realistic relationship development, plausible curiosity and interest, and a depth of backstory filled with intrigue that balanced the sexy with the mystery.

From the beginning, you are caught up in this weird mystery that goes from normal roomies complaining about a shady boss and making ends meet in New York City to an unexpected seductive masquerade auction laced with secrets. You are just as confused as the ingenue was as to why an innocent girl would let herself get auctioned off for sex, but as the layers unravel, you see and feel all the complexity behind the different relationships and reasonings.

The way that the main relationship built from respect and patience to full-on attraction and S&M interactions was paced beautifully, and it never felt forced. I loved the little cat and mouse game the male lead played—I mean, I wouldn’t in real life lol, but it totally worked for this novel.

What I really enjoyed was the rich story behind the sex—it was so much more than a steamy romance.

I was captivated until the very end, and I cannot wait to read the other two books in the series. If you like dark secrets and even darker sex scenes, this story will more than satisfy you.

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