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Indie Book Review: The Real You

The Real You by Danielle Bair – 2.5 STARS

Although a college romance intended for a younger audience, I could relate to the dynamics of the environment from my own college days. Kudos to the author for taking on the difficult topic of sexual assault and showing how easily it happens on college campuses and with people we “love,” and how easy the victims take on the blame.

This is not an easy subject to tackle, but one that the author met with sensitivity.

However, I do think the story would have been more powerful focused on that angle instead of elongating the aftermath of a new relationship—would have loved to see more about how the women rallied around each other in support instead. But sexual assault is an unfortunately real and uncomfortable common occurrence these days, and topics like this are important to talk about in our stories.

Aside from the initial subject matter, unfortunately, I found that this book was not to my usual taste. I wish the author luck in her endeavors, though, as I know the challenges that indie authors face and I support her passion and encourage her future growth.

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