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Indie Book Review: Kiss of Sight

Kiss of Sight by Jane Apatova – 3 STARS

A woman has the power to see the future whenever she kisses someone. She foresees her own future husband and is convinced that he is the man she is destined to be with no matter what. That’s where the story begins.

This was a super spicy fantasy romance! But I have mixed feelings about this book, to be honest.

The story seemed to go on in mixed directions, and at one point, I wasn’t sure what the plot was supposed to be focused on anymore. As for the steamy romance … (potential spoiler alert up ahead) … while I loved the erotic scenes and interactions (so freaking hot), I didn’t find myself particularly rooting for the main couple to come or stay together.

I didn’t like the leas male character at all; I usually find the bad boys’ redeeming quality or soft spot and I just didn’t see one with this jerk. I was actually hoping that the ingenue would plot twist us and choose a different man (or woman). I feel like she had more chemistry with others than with her envisioned soulmate...

In fact, I loved the mystery woman reveal and was rooting for that super sweet friendship to be more.

With the title and her gift being about having visions of the future through her “kiss of sight” powers, I was disappointed that there was not more of a focus on her abilities and that kind of magic. But if you just want a read that is hot, sexy, and sensual in the bedroom, then this book is fire.

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