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Indie Book Review: A Legacy of Storms & Starlight

A Legacy of Storms & Starlight by Victoria J. Price – 4 STARS

This wasn't your everyday dark fae fantasy, but I think that's what I oved about it.

It took a while to draw me in, but once I was in, I found myself adoring most of the characters and enjoying the story immensely. I loved the complexity of the interactions and the different history reveals between the full fae, partial fae, and human characters.

A woman who had no idea about her powers is now on the run for killing a sexually assaulting prince—not only from his relentless human king father, but also from an abusive royal fae who seems to know more about her secret history than she does.

The two male leads, though on the same side, could not be more different from each other.

One was strong yet subtle in affection and the other charming and forward with moments of true vulnerability. The emotional love triangle between Zylah, Holt, and Raif was definitely heating up and causing much needed delicious tension towards the end (and I definitely had a favorite to win—but we’ll see what happens in the next book!)

What I loved most was the sense of community of the forbidden fae and how they rallied around each other without question. All outcasts thought to be extinct, it was critical that they keep their true natures under wraps... but as they find each other, they instantly become a family.

This wasn’t a dark, intense fantasy, but I rather enjoyed its gentle, easygoing storytelling that made for a great tale.

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