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Indie Book Review: A Lady’s Scheme

A Lady's Scheme by Shannon Wiederkehr – 5 STARS

This was the first book in a series of “Best Laid Plans,” and the author caught my attention on Instagram with her creative posts. And who doesn’t love the promise of a good romance?

Oh my adorableness! Can I just say we need more female friendship books in this world?

This was not just your typical regency romance novel. It centered on the friendship and love stories of three different women—it was a whole lotta love! I was completely enamored with the “calamitous” Fi and her more proper besties, Reagan and Isabella. Their bond was so beautiful and funny, and even though the book is set in historical times, you can absolutely feel the modern (or should I say timeless?) connection between three amazing women.

All three women were “debuting” this season to find a husband, and their individual stories intertwined in such an endearing way—and the scheming to get the men they wanted? Hilarious and brilliant all the way, with some surprises thrown in!

There were mishaps, mayhem, and a few shocking interludes that took you completely off-guard—and I loved it.

The only thing I didn’t love were the extended epilogues seeing into the future; it should have just ended without going on. But this is a really fantastic and fun book of friendship, love, and the lengths women go to for both.

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