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Follow the Signs

Everything we need to know about life, options and possibilities are literally right in front of us—if only we choose to open to see them. I know, easier said than done.

Me? I have an overactive brain that likes to probe, prod, analyze and dissect information and twist any semblance of a sign into a scientific experiment. Then I wonder why I missed the writing on the wall!

But when I truly take the time to meditate, connect with myself and be open and aware, it blows my mind to see the signs that are all around me. Songs, number sequences, random memes and of course, synchronicities. Those especially are not just fun little coincidences. They are the universe’s way of saying I hear you, and I’ve got your back. Here’s your confirmation and/or next step on the journey.

I recently decided that a connection to my intuition needed to become a priority, and since committing to building this spiritual muscle, the amount of information I receive is astounding; magical, even.

In just this last week alone, I have received clear cut signs about people in my life, situations I want to let go of and dreams I want to pursue. My decisions are backed by a blatant confirmation that I am headed in the right direction. A confusion over which path to take is illuminated and a problem is presented with a solution.

I used to be scared about handing my logical mind over to faith. I used to wonder if I did that, I would become one of those “out there” people who lost touch with reality. The truth is, I probably am “out there,” but I am still very much grounded to the earth and reality. I still have the ability to use my brain, but without all the chatter, doubt and worry. Now that I open to seeing the signs, my brain can actually function better to take those signs and make positive changes in my life.

I haven’t been steered wrong yet. Not when I knew I was meant to study in Spain. Not when I heard the steps to take during a divorce. Not when I channeled writing my books. Not when making the decision whether or not to pursue a particular relationship. Not when I made the leap of faith to move across ther country to California.

The only thing that got in my way was my wayward brain, fear and indecisiveness. Once you tune in to your inner voice, you will find that your whole world can change—love, abundance, opportunity, resolution—the benefits are countless.

I highly recommend checking in with yourself more and trust that those synchronicities and intuitive feelings are there for a reason; to guide you towards your best life.

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