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Celebrating 5 Years: My BT Introduction

Five years ago my journey as an author began with the release of Butterfly Travels. Here, I share the introduction in amazement at the woman who first wrote that; how much her life has changed (in so many wonderful ways). May this book continue to inspire others along their own life travels.


I’ve come to realize that every adventure I’ve ever been on has been a deeper awakening to who I am. They have been more profound in recent years, but as far back as I can remember, every time I left my home for a vacation, short visit or business trip, a deeper purpose was revealed. I feel it comes from just letting loose outside of the comforts of my life; to be who I am as I understand how other people or cultures work; to explore hurts that come up, or messages I receive, or simply new friendships that are formed.

I find myself moved with each journey. I think that is why I love traveling so much. Some people travel to escape. Not me. (Not usually.) I travel to explore, expand, learn and uncover truths. It’s like I am a pirate searching for treasure or a frontiersman seeking new land. But cuter and more heart-based. *Wink*

All throughout my life, I have documented these journeys in some way—whether through my childhood diary, a photo montage detailing every moment, a personal journal or a blog. And then after writing one particular blog, it dawned on me that my life’s journey would make an excellent compilation for a book.

Not because I am special or different from anyone else. Not because I went on extraordinary adventures that people could only dream of experiencing. On the contrary: it is my ordinary self, traveling to many common places others reading this have most likely visited themselves. It is the story of an everyday girl, finding her way, healing her heart and opening new doors to what life could be—a girl that everyone can relate to. A girl (or person) very much like yourself, perhaps.

And that’s why I am sharing my adventures. There are not a lot of people out there to relate to on a personal level. There are the icons that we look up to that if we met in person, we would be starstruck. There are the spiritual leaders out there who channel from “ascended masters” with profound messages of divine guidance. There are the experts with extensive education in the classroom and in the world who illuminate our intellect.

And then there are people like me. Like your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your neighbor, your teacher, your librarian— your everyday, beautiful community member. Your reflection.

May you go on your own adventures as you read about mine— literally and figuratively. And may this open a door for you to feel safe to explore who you are, love who you are and share who you are with the world. Because “ordinary” as we all are, being true to ourselves is what makes each of us also “extra”ordinary.

Blessings, light and love,


To order your copy, click here: Butterfly Travels on Amazon

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