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Book (Sequel) of the Week: The Singles Table

The Singles Table by Sara Desai

This wasn’t a traditional sequel in the sense that it continued a story from a first book, but rather, it was the third book in a series I adored about unexpected love, and I simply couldn’t resist. (And just perfect for the weekend of Valentines to cozy up to).

Once again, I found myself adoring two stubborn characters who try to deny their chemistry and inevitable fate as they strike a deal—he’ll help her get celebrity clients, and she’ll find him his perfect match to raise his image as a family man. These two characters couldn’t be more different from each other.

But whenever zany meets stern, you know the fireworks are going to fly.

Zara was absolutely hilarious with an over-the-top, boisterous, clumsy personality versus the very serious (yet soft) Jay, an ex-Marine with PTSD, a chip on his shoulder, and a definite need to lighten up. Both were completely endearing (and frustrating) as they tried to fight their attraction.

There were also so many surprise elements that brought it to a comedic level, like a crazy paintball-shot-in-the-ass meet-cute, a secret fruit vulva art unveiling, and chasing down celebrities for sharpie arm autographs. I found myself constantly laughing out loud.

This was such a fun, quirky read that left you cheering on the lovebirds and hoping that they’d get to escape that dreaded wedding singles table once and for all.

To learn more about this week’s author, Sara Desai, you can find her here:


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