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Book (Sequel) of the Week: Starfolk Falling

Starfolk Falling, by Martha Dunlop

This was another fun series I couldn’t wait to continue. Picking up where the urban fantasy, The Starfolk Arcana, left off, this sequel continued to delve into the metaphysical world with a battle of “good” versus “evil.”

I loved getting to understand the backstory of the characters and their “predestined” fates and relationships even more.

The author explored the pre-Earth conversation and decisions each character made and agreed upon prior to incarnating to the planet, and the intentions behind it (essentially, saving mankind from itself). I found it interesting how it “worked” in the plot, as I often wonder what possessed me to choose the life and soul contract for my own incarnation this time around. To see that challenges were chosen for a reason; for the souls to grow. Quite fascinating actually.

The frustration (purposefully!) rose as fear kept seeping into humankind, thanks to the traitorous Amelia, and our heroes kept facing challenge after challenge. Just when you think they had a leg up, there was another swerve that knocked them off their game.

Although I definitely loved the original book more, it was still a good book that helped to move the trilogy forward. Looking forward to seeing how this all wraps up when the final book comes out!

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find her here:

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