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Book of the Week: The War of Art

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

I found this book to be interesting…agreed with some concepts, disagreed with others. As I read the first part of the book, about resistance as the culprit behind us not going after our dreams, a lot resonated with me: how all of our excuses, from procrastination to various distractions, are the foundation for resistance to sabotage us.

Resistance is his catch-all term for fear, doubt, anxiety, and all other negative emotions that convince us that we aren’t good enough to bring forth our dreams.

However, while I understood the concept, and acknowledge that it takes true commitment, time, and even sacrifice to follow your true calling and passions, I did get the impression that the author was promoting a workaholic life—and that, I cannot get behind.

Following your passion also requires life balance; you need responsibility and a social life and love and even housekeeping to keep life in general in order. And true, we can go to the extremes and use these as excuses, I also felt like spending time doing this or anything else was seen as detrimental to soul purpose fulfillment. I don’t know, perhaps I read it wrong.

What I really did love was the section about how our “muse” is actually inspired by a higher power, and I wholeheartedly agree.

I believe we are a vessel through which something greater than us speaks, and that when we are fulfilling a purpose, it is not our ego or mind driving the task at hand, but an intuitive guidance that we are channeling and then bringing into reality. We are here to follow our muse and let it bring us to our own destined masterpieces.

It was worth the read to get a few nuggets and a-aha moments about how I personally am participating in the resistance/self-sabotage game. If you are looking for a little push in the right direction, this book can definitely give you a fresh perspective.

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