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Book of the Week: The Three Mothers

The Three Mothers, by Anna Malaika Tubbs

This book took you on the well-researched journey of Alberta King, mother of Martin Luther King, Jr.; Berdis Baldwin, mother of James Baldwin; and Louise Little, mother of Malcolm X. These women were more than just the bearers of great men; they in their own right had voices and beliefs that they instilled in their sons. And just as their sons had different purposes, so did they have very different lives and experiences—yet with a common thread of living in an abusive, unforgiving society.

Jaw-dropping, cruel reality of the historical plight of black women—particularly three groundbreaking “mothers of famous sons”—that leaves your soul and conscience shattered.

These women did not walk in the shadows or in the background—they lived, breathed, and epitomized the injustices their sons later went on to fight for. Throughout the novel was also the teachings of the atrocities that surrounded their upbringing in the world, and how truly challenging it was to be relegated to the sidelines when they had so much more power than ever acknowledged.

Powerful. Enlightening. Disturbing how poorly black women have been treated, pushed to the side, and made invisible. And yet, to this day, their plight still lives on.

Modern day black women still face the same kind of fears, the same stigmatism, the same trepidation in living full out. While some parts of society have progressed, the struggle still exists. To be heard. To be seen. To be equal. I feel for them from the perspective of a woman still trying to compete with men, but did not truly understand the ramifications of their color and the extraordinarily challenging role it plays (yet shouldn’t play) in their lives.

And it angered me. And horrified me. And made my heart break in half and sob. My heart goes out with solidarity and full-on support for their bravery, beauty, and power.

Grateful to have read this eye-opening truth about the inspiration behind who we do recognize as legends…and acknowledge so many who have yet to have the light shining on them for their own greatness.

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