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Book of the Week: The Starfolk Arcana

The Starfolk Arcana, by Martha Dunlop

A friend of mine introduced me to book one of this urban-metaphysical-fantasy series, and I will admit, from just that description alone, I couldn’t wait to dig in. Paranormal realms, soulmate romance, mystery—seriously? It had me written all over it.

And I friggin LOVED it. I read it in a single day.

I was captivated from the first page and completely engrossed by the human and other-worldly character connections, the multi-lifetime love and conflicts and the manipulations you didn’t see coming. It delved into the interconnections of humans as souls who came into this world knowing we’d connect and seeing the fulfillment of those contracts.

It was amazing to read a book that just felt so open minded to the possibility of worlds and experiences outside of our Earth experience. It was different from other sci-fi type of novels I read in that it wasn’t “alien” encounters, but rather this all-encompassing energy represented in both human and spirit form, and I so very much resonated with the author’s belief system that served as the book’s foundation.

Martha Dunlop speaks my spiritual language.

As I was reading it, I could feel myself transported into my own secret spiritual world where my soul has a greater knowing than this Jenny does, and it might have renewed some spark in me! Now that’s a powerful impact 😉 The way it ended summed up this initial book perfectly, but also left you wondering…what happens next?

Book 2 just came out this week, and I am ready for it!

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