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Book of the Week: The Marriage Game

The Marriage Game by Sara Desai

This is now the third book I’ve read by this author, and it’s just as cute and refreshingly funny as the others. It was a pretty mellow romance, but had just the right amount of sweetness and conflict to make you root for the lovebirds as the story progressed.

The name of the game was marriage—and a parent’s determination to find a husband for his unlucky-in-love daughter.

The catch? She didn’t know about her marriage resume uploaded online, or the men her father had lined up to meet her. When he unexpectedly falls ill, she discovers his “game.” But with the help of an unexpected co-tenant sharing the office upstairs from her family’s restaurant, she fulfills her father’s wish to meet this crazy bunch of men while not-so-slowly falling for her “chaperone.”

I will say—I did want to throw the book across the room when the male lead made one particular mistake.

I get that mistakes are purposefully made in these kinds of books to create drama, and that typically, the couples are meant to work through it and find their way back to each other, but I have to say—I was not okay with a certain overlooked misstep in this book. Without spoiling it, I think he crossed a certain line, and that cheapened the entire relationship. I actually wasn’t rooting for a happily ever after. I think she deserved better, in my opinion.

But the premise of the marriage game was cute, and I always love a good snarky banter between love interests. (I kinda like that in my own haha). So aside from one major character flaw that I personally wouldn’t overlook, I thought it was a fun storyline with interesting characters (who doesn’t love millions of crazy, nosy aunts butting in?).

Easy read if you want something light and playful.

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