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Book of the Week: The Magic Fix

The Magic Fix, by Mark Mantanaro

Absolutely hilarious. This book had me laughing out loud the whole time! Dripping with sarcasm and contempt, it pokes fun at medieval stories with hilarious descriptions of war and fat stupid kings; questions the existence of unicorns and magic fairies; and just plain tears apart humans living among trolls, ogres, and goblins.

Right from the beginning, it had me laughing hard when the soldiers came back to the king and had to explain why they were lost.

“Numbers is a key reason. We must have been outnumbered two to one.” “What? You told me you expected roughly even numbers on both sides!” “Well, there were at the start. But by the end of the battle, it was definitely about two to one. And the more people they killed, the more they outnumbered us.”

The dialogue was brilliant, showcasing the stupidity of all these different characters and their environment especially. The author pulled no punches when it came to making fun of traditionally revered descriptors in medieval-inspired literature.

The story itself was also amusing, featuring a botched royal murder and tons of miscommunication.

I loved how the book set the stage with all the different realms of characters, from the humans and pixies to the ogres and goblins, before bringing them to interact with each other in a such a clumsy way. Enemies became allies and friends became confused. It reminded me of a Robin Hood Men in Tights kind of humor.

As a lover of medieval times and stories, I thoroughly enjoyed the satire laden throughout the entire novel. Sassy and fun!

To learn more about this week’s author and his book, you can find him here:

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