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Book of the Week: The Last Thing He Told Me

The Last Thing He Told Me, by Laura Dave

I needed a break from the romance kick I was on, and a lighter read, and this novel checked those boxes. Not that the story was light - it wasn't. It was full of intrigue, mystery and left you constantly trying to figure out what the big secret was...and I loved the reveal.

Without giving anything away, it was refreshing to see the character in question not completely monster-ized as a psychopath as the mystery unraveled; that it was okay to be in the wrong and yet still have some redeeming qualities. I really liked that kind of a twist.

Too often I find myself following the author’s lead to hate the missing in action character, whose devious actions are deplorable and leave you angry and revengeful, just the like ingenues.

But not this time. Oh, don’t get me wrong—there was a lot to be pissed off about as good old Owen abandons his wife and daughter without a trace; sorry, with only a cryptic trace. However, all is not what it seemed, and although there were the typical dumbass reasons for his lies and deceptions, you could see different layers of this character “off-screen,” which gave the mystery a richer context.

I also loved the underlying story of a stepmother and stepdaughter at odds, coming together because they only had each other, and that heart-warming element gave the story some emotional richness. It was endearing to watch trust slowly build and two women who started as almost strangers come to form a understanding and a bond.

This book had a good balance of drama, sweetness and uncertainty. Great, easy read!

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find her here:

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