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Book of the Week: The Irish Princess

The Irish Princess, by Karen Harper

I absolutely adored this book! I was expecting another fantasy type book, but this was the furthest thing from a mystical fantasy, and I was ALL IN. This was a historical fiction, taking readers on a journey through Tudor England under the rule of Henry VIII and his successors, as told by the “Irish Princess,” Elizabeth “Gera” Fitzgerald and her family’s struggle to retain control of their legacy in Kildare, Ireland.

I’m not normally a history buff, but this particular era (pre- and during Elizabethan) happens to be one of my most favorite time periods to read, watch and learn about. Home run!

I was absolutely fascinated to dive into the stories of the despicable Henry and his wives, (being a recent “Six the Musical” aficionado) and gain a deeper insight into his children, particular the would-be Queen Elizabeth. I was enamored with Gera and her strong devotion to her family and heritage and her fiery (and adaptable) spirit that saw her through multiple tragedies, falling in love and ultimately, finding her own way.

I was taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, from feeling the security of the happy Irish Fitzgerald family, to the devastating elimination of Gera’s kin, to her enraptured and masterful plan for revenge, to her resistance to admitting her love for an English captain, to her mouthy confrontations not welcome from a woman during that time, to her steadfast loyalty to her friends--I felt all of it.

I loved this character’s sass, defiance, passion, wit, and kindness. She embodies everything a strong woman can be in the face of adversity and in the abundance of joy.

I feel like I learned so much more about this era from a different perspective—and much like other historical novels I’ve read (like one about Anastasia and another on Eliza Hamilton), the elaboration of the interactive story element makes it so much more intriguing to read than a straight up history book.

Highly, highly recommended to anyone a fan of this era on time.

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