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Book of the Week: The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games, by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This was a fantastic page turner! I could not put it down and I am ready to purchase the sequel because I couldn’t get enough and I NEED to know how the story continues.

Mystery, intrigue, puzzles, danger, twists, juicy love entanglements—it all drew you in to this world of secrecy and a quest to uncover the truth.

I felt like I was in on the characters’ search the truth, trying to decipher the clues as I read along, thinking I knew what it all meant, but then—surprise! Guess again lol I will admit, that I did have one of the final secrets pegged from the beginning of the book, but I really did think all the obvious conclusions for the other secrets would be as expected. The author brilliantly kept you second-guessing your own rookie detective skills for sure!

I found the main character to be lacking in personality just slightly, though I appreciated her heightened level of intelligence, compassion and strength for a young girl. However, I could not resist falling for all four of the brothers—a protective cowboy, a soft-hearted but serious suit, a flirty mischief maker, and an intelligent but overlooked baby brother.

I wouldn’t have been able to choose which one to flirt with more myself.

I loved how the book really wasn’t about romance…just had enough elements of it to make you engaged in the budding relationships and past relationships that had an impact on the inheritance and the master game behind it.

One of the all-around best books I’ve read in a while because it literally took me on an adventure as was very different from what I usually read. Highly recommended!

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find her here:

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