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Book of the Week: The Guest List

The Guest List, by Lucy Foley

In pursuing my diversity of genres, I hopped on over to Goodreads’ mysteries of 2020 and found this gem in the top spot—it seemed as good as any to go on an adventure with. Plus, how can I resist any book set in Ireland??

The premise was a wedding held in a creepy, secluded island off the coast of Ireland. There was one dead body, and many possible suspects—all with secrets that unraveled slowly and methodically to reveal so many different layers of betrayal and anger, that you couldn’t help but commiserate with most of them (well, I didn’t feel too bad for the bride and groom, in actuality lol).

The Guest List really captivated my attention, and I couldn’t put it down. I saw myself in a bunch of different characters, all intriguing in their own rights with the motive of a murderer. I was the perfectionist bride, the insecure plus one, the betrayed bridesmaid, the people pleasing wedding planner, the cast aside best man…so many juicy characters to dive into!

Suspense at its best…it was really hard not to turn ahead for a spoiler or two!

Okay, so confession—I did peak ahead to at least see who the victim was (I know! I’m terrible. I love spoilers, I can’t help myself!) It did make it richer seeing the angst build up once I knew the victim, but it didn’t ruin it at all for me. In fact, we were led to believe it was one character, and I was so upset, to find out—plot twist—all was not as it seemed and it was completely a surprise!

Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to keep guessing all the way to the end and feel satisfied—even justified.

To hear more about my thoughts on the many different characters and how I connected to them, check out my video book review, Find Yourself in a Character:

To learn more about this week’s author, Lucy Foley, you can find her here:

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