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Book of the Week: Tampa

Tampa by Alissa Nutting

This was a monumentally disturbing and dark story from the perspective of a sexual predator—delivered brilliantly by the author. It takes a strong stomach to get through this book as you read the twisted inner-workings of a late-20s pedophile who purposefully became a teacher just so she could work at a middle school and have access to exploit 14-year-old-boys.

It literally was about her life’s plan to satiate her sexual need to seducing underdeveloped boys before they became too much like men.

I seriously wanted to vomit in my mouth at her seduction techniques and rationale behind her teenage obsession, but I have to admit: the psychology major in me was fascinated by the depths of manipulation and how successfully this delusional woman pulled off getting into the kids’ minds (and their beds) while fooling her husband, co-workers, and even parents. And the innerworkings of her mind catalogued this behavior as nothing more than her personal sexual preferences rather than the irreversible damage she was causing to these boys.

She cared about nothing but having sex with them—not their education, not how deaths of their loved ones impacted them, not about them falling in love with her, not about the ramifications of their jealousy of other boys—only about how she would stay looking young in prison without her face cream if she was ever caught.

There were quite a few twists and turns where she was almost caught, and it amazed me how she wormed her way out of each situation to keep her reputation spotless but her sick sex needs fulfilled.

It was a book you want to stop reading because it’s so disturbing, and yet, you hold on, praying for her comeuppance…does she get it? The ending isn’t exactly what you’d expect.

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