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Book of the Week: Regretting You

Regretting You, by Colleen Hoover

This is my second book I’ve read by Colleen Hoover, and I loved it just as much as the first! I’m quickly becoming a big fan. And now for the review…

Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated—I should know, as I am stuck in the middle as a daughter and a mother of a teen. Two for the price of one!

In Regretting You, Colleen Hoover brilliantly dives into the complications that can arise when neither party stops to truly consider what is going on in the world of the other, leading to blame, resentment and anger.

But through her storytelling, she reveals how that when we take the time to clear the area, what we are left with is unconditional love.

As a parent of a teenager, this both resonated and gave me insight into the different sides of a mother-daughter relationship. How a daughter can perceive a mother as overprotective and controlling, when the mother is only acting to give her daughter a life free of the mistakes and pain she’s endured herself—and how in trying to protect, the daughter doesn’t understand all the trauma her parent has experienced because she doesn’t know all the details (note to self: children are more strong and resilient than we think).

On the other side, you see how the mother jumps to the wrong conclusions in this attempt to protect her daughter from the world, not trusting that she has raised a brilliant, self-assertive young woman who may try some “unsavory” things in life, but in the trial of those, decides for herself she doesn’t want them. Give her space, and she will experience and learn for herself what you advise her against.

(Obviously, that’s not a given, but we do need to trust each other to follow our own hearts and path, and as adults, gently guide instead of control when they might need a little steering back on the right path.)

It helped to give me perspective as a mom to remember how it was for me, and how I need to give room for my own daughter to step into herself. Trust that she can make her own choices, learn from her own mistakes and be strong enough to handle some truths to perhaps one day understand me better.

I loved every bit of this story—even the betrayals that hit to the core of my own experiences. Heartwarming and left me rooting for both of them—and the men they loved.

To hear more about my thoughts on the character of Morgan and how I connected to her, check out my video book review, Find Yourself in a Character:

To learn more about this week’s author, Colleen Hoover, you can find her here:

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