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Book of the Week: Nine Perfect Strangers

Nine Perfect Strangers, by Liane Moriarty

When I envisioned a locked room mystery, I was under the impression that they all followed the same formula—someone dies, everyone is a suspect, and you are shocked at how it unfolds. I expected a prominent murder and whodunit for some reason, yet I can’t say that I was disappointed!

Although this story did not center around a murder per se, it did have the elements of literally being locked up with no escape, and the mystery was certainly interesting.

I was left suspensefully wondering what the hell is going on behind the scenes of this warped retreat.

I went through the entire book reading as if murder was the main focus (And I’m not saying (or spoiling) whether there are murders or not). But in doing so, I was always looking to figure out the mystery before the plot even began, and part of that included character assessment.

As I invested in the characters, I was constantly wondering who would be the victim and who would be the culprit, and I began to see the interconnection and innerworkings of each individual and what brought them to this unique retreat. So many strangers from different walks of life needing profound healing in their own way, and what they walked into was well beyond their expectations.

There is definitely edge of your seat psychosis to witness as the story unfolds, and it was captivating.

Nine strangers come together for different reasons and are bonded by their unexpected experience. Riveting and interesting. I’m curious to now see it play out in the television version.

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