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Book of the Week: Neon Gods

Neon Gods by Katee Robert

This book was Hotter than Hades (pun intended – Hades was the male lead, by the way, with Persephone as his love interest). In this steamy interpretation of romance between the Gods, I had to take multiple breaks to cool down in between the heated-up chapters. Whew!

It had it all—complex characters and situations, push and pull love, erotic scenes that make 50 Shades look like a joke—and a plot that twisted the natural interpretation of Hades as the “bad guy.”

In this version, Hades is simply misunderstood. He actually comes from a tragic background, but feels he has this grim reputation he needs to uphold, thanks to Zeus. (Zeus was really quite a manipulative jackass as the almighty power). I absolutely LOVED this twist in perspective, and to see a more vulnerable side to the God of the Underworld. And yet, he still had that dark, seductive edge deserving of his title.

There were further plot complications when you added in a greedy-for-power mother, Persephone’s bold moves against Zeus (and her unwavering love for her sisters), and a revenge scheme backfiring into true love.

There were moments of softness, moments of shock, and moments of empowerment.

Such an amazing read—and I believe there are more in her series, and I’ll be checking those out! If you are not comfortable with explicitly sexual love scenes in a book, this is not for you. But if you don’t mind a little hardcore visualization that’s balanced with a rich storyline, then by all means…indulge yourself.

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