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Book of the Week: My Own Words

My Own Words, by Ruth Bader Ginsberg

No month of women’s empowerment would be complete without a nod to an extraordinary legend: Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I was surprised to find that this autobiography was not a traditional autobiography that simply took you through the beginning to end of the subject’s life.

But then again, RBG was anything but conventional, so why would her own book be any different?

Instead, it was a collection of her written works, speeches, and cases (including a really funny “opera”), which was prefaced with nuggets of history throughout. You still enjoyed reading insights into her personality, like her love of the opera, her deep love for her husband, Marty, and her passion for pursuing causes that fought for the underdog. You witnessed her compassions, her smarts, and her humor all in one through what actually were her “own words.”

Although challenging to read through some of the heavy legalese that is her style, it was still fascinating to hear her voice in so many ways. To see her extraordinary intelligence firsthand; her wit (damn, is she funny!); her clever manipulation of words to fight for the underdog and prove her point.

She is like none other, and it was awe-inspiring to read more than just the most popular of her works.

For anyone who is a Notorious RBG fan (and can handle heavy legal language), you would find this a fascinating read. If you are just looking for a light autobiography about how awesome she is in a nutshell, this is not for you (but it would give you a truly deeper insight into how hard she fought for many of the privileges we have today).


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