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Book of the Week: Kingdom of Shadow and Light

Kingdom of Shadow and Light, by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever series comes to a conclusion in this epic story that brings back familiar faces and introduces new ones. I was a HUGE fan of this collection (though I think I missed one book in between) but was able to catch up pretty quickly to the current timeline even after reading the last book several years ago.

I like how it was all wrapped actually. It left nothing untouched, brought dissent into harmony and put the bad guys in their place.

I saw some reviews that weren’t happy about the conclusion, calling it subpar and somewhat predictable, but I thought it was a great story, with all those fantastical elements that I loved about the series. It had secrets yet to be revealed, complicated relationships and some long-awaited explanations that added to the drama build-up.

I will say, however, that the one thing I didn’t love was that there were alternate plot points weaved in throughout, and it confused me as to what really happened versus what was the linear story—though by the end, it all became clear.

It wasn’t as jaw-dropping and intriguing as previous books in the series, but for a conclusion, it didn’t leave me hanging and I was more than satisfied with the overall tale.

It had happy endings, decisions that made sense, surprising reveals, a little naughtiness (could have used a bit more IMHO), so for readers of the series, I’d recommend seeing it through to the conclusion, I personally don’t think it disappointed. If you hadn’t read the series, then I’m not sure if it works as a stand alone or not. But it’s still a good read.

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