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Book of the Week: Keep Me Warm at Christmas

Keep Me Warm at Christmas, by Brenda Novak

Sorry folks, I seem to be on a romantic role right now, and I am loving it. Especially with the Christmas theme, and this book was all sorts of Hallmark-movie like snuggly that kept ME warm by my fire with thoughts of the passionately artsy Seth.

What I really loved was that it wasn’t just a meet-cute romance, but a deeper story of two individuals struggling to find their ground after tragedy strikes, and they are simply there for each other to help through the pain.

It was charming, with complex relationships and drama, but also so many heartfelt moments of kindness and compassion.

It wasn’t just these characters who ended up being joined together by destiny as they found themselves both caretaking a friend’s house. It was about the actress whose life was destroyed with scars after a freak accident, who is then tormented by an unrelentless paparazzo determined to make money off her pain, and leaving her wondering—who in her life betrayed her secluded whereabouts?

It was the man lost for years after the sudden death of his beloved wife, and with a childhood history of foster homes and rejection, he felt he could never be open to love again, even with the support of his amazing, charitable adoptive family. It was their coming together to heal, to learn, to love and to have faith that life could somehow be different—better—was the guiding theme that made this so endearing.

A sweet little holiday romance that warmed up my cold piggy toes with heartfelt love.

Highly recommended for anyone looking for that holiday romance that’s a step above sugary-sweet, with a richness to characters and subplots. Fantastic read.

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find her here:

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