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Book of the Week: If You Ask Me…And Of Course You Won’t

If You Ask Me…And Of Course You Won, by Betty White

To kick off my monthly theme of empowering women, I thought about none other than the legendary Betty White. Her recent passing has left a whole in the heart of the world, and I was curious to learn more about this woman from her own words. Although not a recent book (11 years old), it was still relevant and modern and was the perfect memoir for a legend.

As if I could not love Betty White anymore…it encompassed everything that was endearing about her: her humility, her compassion for animals and people, and her strength in humor.

It was a sweet little compilation of random life stories, ranging from her experiences in the industry (where she doesn’t name drop, but rather, shows great reverence for everyone she came into contact with) to her involvement in charitable events and lovable animal interactions. Her empowerment came in kindness and in gratitude for the opportunities she was presented, being both enthusiastic in unique chances and politely discerning in what didn’t align with her.

I also adored how she thread so many pictures of her life with adorable captions about her family and friends throughout, showing her personal side. She continues to be adored, and I love that she was able to leave this book as one of her many legacies to remember the greatness she was.

Anyone missing this great woman and wanting a personal insight into her life and true heart’s character, definitely worth the light and easy read.

To learn more about Betty White and her book:

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