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Book of the Week: If the Shoe Fits

If the Shoe Fits, by Julie Murphy

Ok, so I am a sucker for a Cinderella story—doesn’t matter that there are a gazillion interpretations and remakes, mostly horrendous, of course. My fave movie of all time is actually Ever After, a medieval-like Cinderella spin starring Drew Barrymore. But I digress.

If The Shoe Fits is absolutely charming, and what is most endearing about it to me was the author’s spin, which was so dear to my heart: a plus-size Cinderella has a chance at her own happily ever after.

Yes, queen!!

This is now my second romance novel featuring a voluptuous ingenue, and I can’t get enough of this positive body movement and acceptance that we are all worthy of the same kind of sweep-you-off-your-feet love.

Big, beautiful, and sexy, Cindy takes her chance for love on a dating show produced by her not-so-evil stepmother and inspires women around the world as she steals the heart of the “bachelor.” Not only that—she steals the heart of America and opens up doors to her heart’s passion for design (shoes, in particular).

What I loved most about this novel was the anti-Cinderella plot of a loving stepfamily and close stepsisters, and a whole bunch of acceptance and adoration for a beautiful woman.

It was refreshing to experience love and romance (and everyday life frustration) from her eyes—showing everyone once and for all, that beauty is everywhere, size doesn’t matter, and love transcends our physical reality.

Empowering, light-hearted, and a genuinely good read. The rest of the world needs to catch up and learn from these kinds of stories.

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find he here:

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