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Book of the Week: Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance by Catherine Walsh

I absolutely adored this book! Talk about a slow burn…it took ten years of flying home together (yet separately) every Christmas to their respective families in Ireland before these friends finally crossed that romantic line.

These were characters you were rooting for to wake up and get together.

I loved how the story weaved in what happened on every year’s flight as the present day buildup of their inevitable stars colliding unfolded. Some years were awkward, some were frustrating with minor delays, some were drunk and playful.

What was different about this particular year? Their flight was completely cancelled and several rescheduled flights, ferries, and buses to different destinations to make it home by Christmas finally gave them the time they needed to face what they both were feeling. And the constant interruptions every time they got close to each other? Hilarious and frustrating all at once, but added that perfect touch of torture for us readers.

All the hints of affection, emotional intimacy, and unconditional support over the passing years started to add up at once, leading up to a beautiful possibility.

It was funny, tender, vulnerable—and a reminder that the truest love can be standing right before your every eyes. One of my fave Christmas romances.

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